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January 2018 Events

January 1 - 31 | Indiana Council on World Affairs | Distinguished Speakers

Distinguished Speakers

January 18, 2018, Thursday - Mexico: U.S. Neighbor & Friend                                   

Luis Enrique Franco &  Jorge Sánchez Cataño, Consuls, Mexican Consulate

Program Description:

The Indiana Council on World Affairs, along with the Indiana Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs welcomes Luis Enrique Franco, Mexican Consul General,  Indianapolis' singular consulate office.  Consuls, Luis Enrique Franco, and Jorge SánchezCataño [left], will addressa range of topics, such as: helping immigrants overcome language and cultural barriers, educating the young, and discerning U.S. immigration policies, such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals [DACA].

Schedule: Reception: 5:30-6:15 pm.  Dinner: 6:15 pm.  Talk: 7:00 pm . This event is open to the public

Reservations for the Reception and Dinner, 5:30-7:00 pm: Reservations are due Monday, January 15, 2018.  The cost is $32 for ICWA members, and members' guests,  who pay by the due date. The cost is $36 for nonmembers as well as members who miss the due date.  The reservation cut-off is 01/16/18.

Reservations for the Talk, 7:00 pmReservations are requested, but not required.  Check-in time for the talk is 6:45 pm.  For members, the talk is $9.  For nonmembers $10. Students $5. 

Directions: The Willows, 6729 Westfield Blvd, Indianapolis, IN46220, with a white picket fence, is located on the east side of the street, south of 75th Street, just north of Broad Ripple White River Bridge.

For membership and reservation, please visit:




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January 1 - 31 | Indiana Council on World Affairs | Great Decisions - Media & Foreign Policy

 Indiana Council on World Affairs -

January 30, 2018, Tuesday - Media & Foreign Policy

Presenter: Ulf Jonas Björk, PhD, Chair, Journalism, IUPUI


Carmel High School, Freshman Center, 520 E Main St, Carmel, IN 46032. 


7:00 pm  Registration

7:30 pm  Presentation plus Q & A

9:00 pm  Conclusion

Topic: Media & Foreign Policy

Today state and non-state actors maneuver a complex, rapidly evolving media landscape. Conventional journalism competes with user-generated content, and official communication channels are circumvented through social media. As foreign policy is tweeted from the White House, “fake news” in entering the zeitgeist, with misinformation posing complex security threats.

Presenter: Ulf Jonas Bjork, PhD, Journalism, IUPUI


Dr. Ulf Jonas Björk, Chair, Journalism Department, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis teaches media history, communication law, international mass media and writing.  He has taught journalism at StockholmUniversity, the MidwesternStateUniversity, Wichita Falls, TX; and since 1988, IUPUI.  As a Fulbright Fellow in 2012, he taught U.S. Mass Media at UppsalaUniversity in his native Sweden.  His research interests include foreign correspondence in U.S. newspapers in a historical perspective.





January 10 | World Affairs Councils of America | Cover to Cover: Richard N. Haass

Richard N. Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, argues for an updated global operating system to address challenges - from terrorism and the spread of nuclear weapons, to climate change and cyberspace. His book: A World in Disarray: American Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Old Order

January 23 | World Affairs Council of the Quad Cities | Family-Affiliated Extremism/Terrorism & Response

Presented by Dr. Dean Alexander (Homeland Security Research Program and Professor of Home Land Security at the School of Law Enforcement and Justice Administrations at Western Illinois University) discusses family affiliated terrorism and the available responses. 

The Boston Marathon bombings, San Bernardino attack, and numerous terror incidents globally bring to the forefront the issue of family-affiliated extremism/terrorism and law enforcement responses. Unfortunately, up to now, this topic has received scant inquiry and analysis. Following an introduction, some facets of social network analysis, its relevance to families, and extremism/terrorism will be raised. Next, an overview of the phenomenon of extremists/terrorists in families will be shared. The importance of this type of criminality will be underscored. This will be followed by numerous and insightful case studies of U.S. and foreign-based, family-linked extremists/terrorists. By providing these case studies, a better appreciation of this issue will take hold. For contrast, case studies of family members informing about their extremist/terrorist kin will be shared. Subsequently, the presentation will discuss the methodologies to impede family-linked extremism/terrorism at home and abroad.

Presenter Biography


Dr. Alexander’s teaching, research, and speaking activities encompass terrorism, security, and legal issues. He has lectured in ten countries, including to law enforcement and military officials at North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), U.S. State Department, National Intelligence University events, as well as before industry, educational, and non-profit institutions. 

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