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The 1918 Society takes its name from the founding date of the first Council, the Foreign Policy Association, which opened during the aftermath of World War I. The group takes its inspiration from its original incorporators, including, John Foster Dulles, the U.S. legal counsel to the Versailles Peace Conference and Secretary of State for President Dwight D. Eisenhower and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

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Membership Benefits

Exclusive Invitations
VIP events, receptions, dinners, briefings, conference calls, webinars, and tours.

  • An event at the annual WACA National Conference. 
    • 2019 included a special dinner with Ryan Heath, Senior Editor of POLITICO, and Stephen Wertheim, Co-Founder of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft
    • 2018 included a special dinner with His Excellency Cho Yoon-je, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the U.S.
    • 2017 included a special dinner with a panel of top journalists at the Newseum
  • Special events during the year. (2016 included a reception with Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine, and his delegation, at the U.S. Capitol)
  • 1918 Society Briefing Conference Calls, where members hear from leading experts on today's pressing issues. (Previous calls included: Joschka Fischer, former Vice Chancellor of Germany; the Iran Nuclear Deal from the National Iranian Council; Senator John McCain on Syria; Former President Vincente Fox of Mexico; U.S.-Russia relations from the editor of Politico; Climate Change and National Security from the co-chair of the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition; Censorship in the Digital Age from the Deputy Director of Google Ideas; U.S. Energy in the 21st Century from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy; Ambassador Martin S. Indyk on the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process; Ambassador Luis CdeBaca on Human Trafficking; and Understanding Data Surveillance, PRISM, and the NSA)

Acknowledgement of your individual sponsorship and support of WACA on the website and in all materials distributed to our national network throughout the year.

Priority seating at the WACA National Conference meal events and entry to the hospitality suite and guest speaker green room.

WACA Programs, Resources and Publications
newsletters, briefings, updates

  • WACA’s monthly and weekly newsletters and the Weekly World News Update
  • KNOW NOW, a conference call series featuring global thought leaders
  • Cover to Cover, a conference call series featuring influential authors on subjects of global importance

Travel Opportunities
Trips curated for seasoned travelers and foreign policy enthusiasts.

Eligible to apply for WACA Leadership Missions, citizen diplomacy programs designed to connect civic and business leaders from the council network with high-level officials in foreign countries via study tours abroad

Eligible to attend 1918 Society-only trips. (Past trips included Centro Fox in Guanajuarto City, Mexico and the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in New York)

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