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 WACA Member Benefits 

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(Publication discounts list below.)

Trusted, Prestigious “World Affairs Council” Brand

  • Recognized nationally and internationally by politicians, top policy makers, civic leaders, diplomats and foreign governments, think tanks, business and NGO executives and associations, authors, leading academics, and journalists – and speakers

Network Strength and Stewardship

  • Convening power: 100-year tradition
  • Representation and advocacy of our vital, shared educational mission in Washington, DC in support of the national network’s brand and convening power
  • Best-practice sharing and professional networking: Spring & Fall Leadership meetings; occasional conference calls; online (Councils peer-to-peer); one-on-one advice (WACA-Council)
  • Opportunities to serve on the WACA National Board

National Programs and Services

  • Annual WACA National Conference in DC (subsidized registration and special discounts for members) – myriad of benefits
  • Academic WorldQuest High School Competition – sponsor-worthy educational program for Councils at the local level, AWQ Study Guide (free), AWQ National Competition (free registration); AWQ brand
  • Opportunities for students in Council communities, including WACA Conference Scholarships, Essay/Video Contests with travel prizes
  • WACA Engage America Grants – Funding to Councils for speaker series (World Food Program USA; American Academy of Diplomacy; Wunderbar Together–Germany-U.S.; Sasakawa–Japan-U.S.; USIP Peacebuilding; Sultan Qaboos–Oman; Future of Korea; EU and the U.S.; Rational Middle Energy Series (film); Combatting Human Trafficking (film); Carnegie–Understanding Muslim Societies)
  • WACA Leadership Missions & Study Tours and 1918 Society Leadership Circle programs
  • NEW SPEAKER DATABASE (via WACA website) – Launched 2019
  • Member Resources (via WACA website) – to share best practices, job descriptions, strategy papers, AWQ operations paper, etc. – Launched 2019
  • Cover to Cover monthly author conference calls/podcasts – access to authors for Council engagements; free benefit for local Council members; educational content for all
  • KNOW NOW conference calls – Council leaders can moderate these hot-topic programs
  • Weekly World News Update – analysis, topic and speaker ideas – every Wednesday
  • Consultations 24/7 with WACA National Office

Recognition and Promotion of Councils & Council Programs

  • National Awards: “Council of the Year” Award and Chairman’s Individual Award
  • “Council of the Month” Recognition
  • Flagship Programs: Great Decisions (Foreign Policy Association); Travel the World (WAC Philadelphia); Conversations that Matter (World Affairs – Northern California on KQED); Global I.Q. Minute (WAC Dallas/Fort Worth)
  • Council events and activities – speakers, initiatives (WACA newsletters, website, social media)
  • Councils and Council staff in the media – press coverage, op-eds, notable broadcast interviews (WACA newsletters, website, social media)
  • Council job listings (WACA newsletters, website, social media)

Subscription Benefits

  • Brookings Institution
  • The Economist
  • Foreign Affairs
  • The Foreign Service Journal
  • Harper’s Magazine
  • New Yorker
  • Stratfor Worldview

New Horizons Campaign for Long-Term Sustainability

  • AWQ Endowment Fund
  • Councils Fund
  • WACA General Operations

A dedicated three-person WACA National Office staff is delivering these member programs, services, and benefits to you – and we aim to do more!


Member Publication Discounts

Download the PDF here

Brookings Institution
20% off any full-price book. Use code KWAC at checkout.

The Economist
$12 for 12-week introductory offer, after which WACA members receive a 10% discount on annual subscriptions. Follow this dedicated link.

Foreign Affairs
$28 per year for Foreign Affairs Plus (includes digital and print editions) or $22 per year for digital or print subscriptions (30% off regular subscription price) Follow this dedicated link.

The Foreign Service Journal
$30 per year (40% off regular subscription price) for all issues, which are available in digital and print. Fill out this dedicated link, and be sure to include “WACA” at the end of your name.

Harper’s Magazine
$10.50 per year for 12 issues (38% off regular subscription price)
Call 1-800-444-4653 and use reference code J12WACA.

The New Yorker
$69.99 per year for 47 issues
Call 1-800-444-7570, mention WACA and use discount code M6CPRWACL

PRISM Since 2014, WACA has made PRISM, the journal of complex operations published at National Defense University, available to Councils and their members. PRISM is a public service – to request your journal of complex operations, please contact the PRISM editorial staff at Please include your preferred mailing address and desired copy count in your message. PRISM is also available online.

Stratfor Worldview
$99 for one-year subscription, or $19 for a monthly subscription Follow this link to redeem your subscription.
1918 Society Members receive Stratfor Worldview for free.

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