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Nonpartisan and not-for-profit, the World Affairs Council of Inland Southern California is an educational organization that presents multiple perspectives on complex global issues that impact our businesses, communities, and nations. The Council does not take positions on issues but encourages public discussion of many points of view. The Inland Southern California Council is one of 11 active councils in California and the third oldest, following the World Affairs Council of Northern California (San Francisco) and the Los Angeles World Affairs Council. Almost 100 councils are in the United States, each independent and governed by a local board of directors. The World Affairs Council of Inland Southern California is the premier forum in the Inland Empire for discussion of national and international subjects. The Council provides a platform for leaders and experts in diplomacy, news, media, business, international trade, the military, arts, and culture. Speakers from the United States and other nations around the globe present their ideas and perspectives at the invitation of the Council. Whether you are an expert on foreign affairs, or just want to keep up with current news, the Council offers you an invaluable opportunity to become a more effective citizen, business leader, or educator.

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World Affairs Council of Inland Southern California
11161 Anderson Street, Suite 105-PMB 10009
Loma Linda, CA 92354
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Mo O'Reilly, Program Chair, Email, 909-558-7446

Katie Yutuc, Program Coordinator, Email, 909-558-7446

Richard Hart, Chair of Board of Directors, Email, 909-558-4540

Jerry Daly, Vice President of Board of Directors, Email, 909-558-7446

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