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The Colorado Foothills World Affairs Council is a nonprofit organization that promotes education and understanding of international affairs, especially regarding the impact of foreign events, trends, and policies in the U.S. and on our lives.

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Colorado Foothills World Affairs Council
P.O. Box 1602
Evergreen, CO 80437
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Deborah Pearce, President, Email

Joe Shaw, Programs, Email, 303-979-5927

Dave Evans, Programs, Email

Stan Harsha, Programs, Email

Ned Biggs, Treasurer, Email, 303-679-6444

Suzanne Koski, Membership, Email

Lomond Carole, Communications, Email

Bob Woodward, Communications, Email

Ken Shauer, Videographer, Email

Jim Robinson, Hospitality, Email

Jim Gagen, Hospitality, Email

Helene Eckstein, Ad hoc, Email

Jack Sigman, Ad hoc, Email

Janet Sigman, Ad hoc, Email

Andy McKean, Ad hoc, Email

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1010 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 516
Washington, DC 20005
Phone 202-833-4557 | Email

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