Featuring Thomas Ricks and Jeremi Suri on November 12, 2020

In an attempt to understand where the United States currently stands in relation to the intentions of the founding fathers, Thomas Ricks examines the ancient philosophies that inspired and influenced their vision for the nation. Understanding the differences between the classical educations of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison, as well as how each man’s life experiences influenced their interpretations of the ancients, offers insights into the foundation of our American government. Described by General James Mattis as a way to “restore your faith in our country,” Ricks’ latest work offers a critical examination of the ideals on which our country stands.

Thomas Ricks is a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and a #1 New York Times bestselling author. As a military reporter for both the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, Ricks has covered U. S. military conflicts from Somalia to Yugoslavia to Afghanistan and Iraq. He has written several books and is a contributing editor for Foreign Policy magazine as well as the author of the magazine’s blog “The Best Defense.” Ricks is an advisor on national security at the New American Foundation.

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