Featuring Robert Zoellick on February 18, 2021

The National Interest said of Robert Zoellick: “He was instrumental in shaping the course of American foreign policy, and his impact is still felt today.” Having served as president of the World Bank, U.S. Trade Representative, and Deputy Secretary of State, Robert Zoellick has deep experience in global trade, technology and U.S. relations with Mexico. Zoellick will offer both a historical framework and understanding of the strategic and existential challenges facing America’s U.S. foreign policy when he appears at the 2021 Baylor Global Business Forum, a joint virtual presentation by the Council and Baylor University.

Zoellick’s recently published book argues that there are five traditions that can be used to better understand post-Cold War presidencies: the importance of North America; the importance of trading, transnational, and technological relations; changing attitudes toward alliances; the importance of public support; and the belief that American policy should serve a larger purpose.

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