Featuring Joby Warrick on March 6, 2021

When Syrian president Bashar al-Assad deployed chemical weapons against his own people in 2012, he crossed the “red line” drawn by President Obama. To avoid committing to another never-ending war, the U.S. president accepted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s offer to facilitate the removal of Assad’s chemical weapons. But it soon became clear that Russia’s end goal was to preserve Assad’s rule, leaving the U.S. with dwindling influence over the outcome of the civil war in Syria – all the while ISIS gained more territory as the group took advantage of the gaping power vacuum created by the region’s instability.

In Red Line, Joby Warrick draws on his original reporting to tell “a character-driven narrative” about how avoiding one catastrophe can unintentionally lead to another.

Joby Warrick is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and national security reporter for the Washington Post. In addition to Red Line, Warrick has authored two books – “Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS” and “The Triple Agent”, which recounts the 2009 suicide attack by an al-Qaeda informant that killed seven U.S. intelligence operatives. Warrick holds a BA in journalism from Temple University.

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