Featuring Stefan Szymanski and Harry Watling on June 7, 2021

Dr. Stefan Szymanski, Stephen J. Galetti Professor of Sport Management at the University of Michigan, and Harry Watling, Head Coach of the Hartford Athletic, sit down to talk about what the proposed Super League means for the future of the world's most popular sport. The initial effort collapsed in spectacular fashion, and in the process, drew the near unanimous ire of the world's 3.5 billion soccer fans. Is this saga, at its heart, a battle between globalization and nationalism? How did the American sports model inform the decision to create a Super League in European soccer? Moderated by Amanda Jolly, VP of Programs & Communications.

This conversation was in partnership with the Hartford Athletic and sponsored by Hoffman Auto Group.

Follow the Dr. Szymanski on Twitter @sszy and check out his book, Soccernomics. Follow the latest news with the Hartford Athletic on Twitter @hfdathletic.

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