Featuring Karl Eikenberry, Annie Pforzheimer, Rina Amiri, and Robin Wright on April 26, 2021

US military forces have occupied Afghanistan for almost 20 years and now, President Biden says it’s time to end the war. But Afghanistan is still fragile, and the Taliban is more powerful now than it has been in years. In February of 2020, the Trump Administration signed a historic peace agreement with the Taliban, requiring them to renounce attacks on American forces and allies, and the US agreed to withdraw its troops, but the Afghan government wasn’t included in the negotiation -- and Afghan civilians continue to be targeted by the Taliban. Biden says that the US accomplished its goal of degrading Al Qaeda to the point that it cannot not use the country as an operations base again.  But it’s possible Afghanistan could devolve into a civil war if the right decisions aren’t made. In this episode, we look at the legacy of America’s longest war -- and what’s at stake as the US brings its troops home. 

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