Featuring Jane Harman on May 30, 2021

Throughout her nine terms in Congress, Jane Harman served on all major security committees, including as a ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee in the years following the September 11 attacks. As a recognized expert on national security and public policy – with the resume to back it up – Harman has won numerous awards for her distinguished service. 

Now, in Insanity Defense, Harman recounts her decades on the national security front, arguing that no less than four presidential administrations have failed to address the most pressing threats to the nation. In a push to shift away from Cold War strategies, Harman lay outs her solutions for meeting the challenges of our times, in which rapidly advancing technology and multi-faceted global power structures may eventually redefine American dominance.

Jane Harman served nine terms as a U.S. Representative in Congress. She resigned in 2011 to become the first female president and CEO at the Woodrow Wilson Center, where she spent the past decade. Harman currently serves as a member of the Aspen Strategy Group and sits on the advisory board of the Munich Security Conference, as well as the board of Iridium Communication Inc. She is a member of the Presidential Debates Commission and the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. Harman holds a B.A. from Smith College and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

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