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Featuring Philip Stephens on September 9, 2021

WACA's Cover to Cover webinar on Thursday, September 9, at 2:00-3:00 PM ET, features Philip Stephens, Director of the Editorial Board and Chief Political Commentator at Financial Times.

Britain Alone: The Path from Suez to Brexit

Britain Alone is a story of a nation's attempt to reconcile its past and present in a confident national identity—in the description of the American statesman Dean Acheson, to find a role after the end of empire. It is a story of inflated ambition rubbing up against its diminished circumstance, of a glorious past and an unforgiving present, and ultimately of Britain’s effort over many decades to come to terms with its place as an important, but second rank power. It's a story that touches at every turn neuralgic issues of national pride, identity and history.


Philip Stephens is an award-winning journalist and chief political commentator at the Financial Times. He was previously director of the FT’s editorial board. Throughout his career, he has had unique access to foreign policymakers in Britain and around the world. Stephens won the David Watt Prize for Outstanding Political Journalism; the UK Political Studies Association’s Political Journalist of the Year; and Political Journalist of the Year in the British Press Awards. He is the author of Politics and the Pound and Tony Blair.

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