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Featuring Chandran Nair on April 21, 2022

2:00 PM, ET

Chandran Nair's Dismantling Global White Privilege: Equity for a Post-Western World explores the ways in which white privilege damages and distorts societies around the world. As Nair shows, a belief in the innate superiority of White people and Western culture, once the driving force behind imperialism, is now woven into the very fabric of globalization. Nair examines its impact on geopolitics, the reframing of world history, international business practices, entertainment, the news media, sports, and fashion. 


Chandran Nair is the founder and CEO of the Global Institute For Tomorrow, an independent pan-Asian think tank. He sits on the Executive Committee of the Club of Rome and was Chairman of the Environmental Resources Management in Asia Pacific until 2004. He is a regular speaker at global events, including the World Economic Forum.


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