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The WACA National Office partners with think tanks, foundations, NGOs, corporations, and occasionally government agencies to arrange timely "national conversations" at several World Affairs Councils across the country on critical international topics.

Spotlight on Turkey (Turkish Cultural Foundation)

Presented by Turkish Cultural Foundation

Spotlight on Turkey, sponsored by the Turkish Cultural Foundation in collaboration with the World Affairs Councils of America runs a full calendar year and focuses on giving an overview of Turkey's rich culture. It consists of a spring Teacher Workshop, a Teacher Study Tour in the summer, and public cultural programs in the fall.  

2016 Teacher Workshops

Program Description

The program runs a full calendar year and focuses on giving an overview of the history of Anatolia and Turkey with a special emphasis on Turkish culture to American educators and the general public.

With a spring Teachers Workshop and a Teachers Study Tour in the summer, and public cultural programs in the fall, the program emphasizes classroom learning and public education about Turkey and its contributions to the global community.

Phase I: A full-day Teachers Workshop on Turkey held by each participating council. This workshop must have a minimum of 15 educators in attendance. Councils are responsible for developing the content of the workshops, which is subject to review by WACA and TCF. TCF and WACA provide support, resources and a database of experts for the workshop agenda. 

Phase II: Each participating council has an opportunity to nominate at least three teachers to participate in a Study Tour of Turkey during the summer. The final teacher quota for each council depends on the number of the participating councils.

Phase III: Participating councils conduct one (previously two) public program showcasing Turkey and Turkish culture. These programs draw on the teachers who participated in the study tour and can consist of a variety of cultural activities, including (but not limited to): film screenings, performances, food, discussion groups, book groups, etc. for WAC members and the general public. The TCF has a large network of affiliates and partners throughout the U.S. and has offered to provide Councils with assistance in finding appropriate local partners to showcase Turkey's unique and diverse heritage. Programs offered by participating Councils are subject to prior approval by World Affairs Councils of America / Turkish Cultural Foundation for suitability to the grant's objective.

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