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The WACA National Office partners with think tanks, foundations, NGOs, corporations, and occasionally government agencies to arrange timely "national conversations" at several World Affairs Councils across the country on critical international topics.

The Rational Middle Energy Series (Shell)

Presented by Shell

The World Affairs Councils of America is pleased to sponsor a national program series in partnership with The Rational Middle Energy Series. With nearly 2 million views and counting, the 22-film series has sparked a movement based on productive conversation around the current energy challenge and what it will take to achieve a cleaner energy future.

The program consists of short films from the Rational Middle series along with a discussion moderated by producer and director Gregory Kallenberg, featuring energy experts selected by each participating local World Affairs Council. The Rational Middle Energy Series uses the medium of documentary film to open a discussion about the importance of energy issues regionally, nationally, and globally. By utilizing the power of film combined with compelling experts and fact-checked resources, The Rational Middle has become a powerful tool to incite action for the betterment of our communities, our economy, and the environment.

With the need to provide access to energy, food, and clean water for a growing global population, economic efficiency, security, and the threat of the effects of climate change inaction, the energy future is a topic that needs to be addressed. Our ability to face these challenges with civil, solutions-based discussions is crucial to finding solutions that will benefit all mankind.

The Rational Middle aims to jump start the discussion with a goal of creating change through individual, municipal, corporate, and government action.

2015-2016 Participating Councils 

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